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We help you to build a bridge and then cross over it!

Crossing Bridges is a youth and family counselling service designed
to help people get over difficult times in their lives.

Welcome to Crossing Bridges

Crossing Bridges was created as a form of Christian service and outreach (in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide) to provide a local counselling service to youth and families, in all their diversity and complexity, facing difficulties in their relational, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We seek to promote an ethos and framework within which we may examine ourselves and our relationships with others, whilst moving on towards healing and reconcilliation.

A family and youth counsellor can be of real value when:

~ You have been involved in a lot of fighting, yelling or violence at home, work or school
~ You seem to be angry all the time
~ Your feelings about people you love are becoming numb, dark or distant
~ Relationships with parents, relatives, friends and teachers are breaking down 
~ "Hopeless" has meaning for you, and you hurt when you think or talk about it
~ You want to be left alone, but you can't cope with loneliness
~ Something really "bad" has happened to you
~ You really want to change things about your life

Our Objectives are:

~ To listen to you
~ To help you to hear what you are saying
~ To help you to see yourself in your situation
~ To help you get through this
~ To help you reduce risky and destructive behaviors
~ To help you to understand your emotions and develop your self-control
~ To help you build skills to manage conflict and anger
~ To help you build-up and restore damaged family relationships

Being a teenager can be a bizarre and challenging time in changing physically, emotionally, sexually, socially and intellectually. It can be a time of desperate need for independence, freedom and recognised rights. If you require help in working through family breakdown or in understanding your teenager or just yourself, please contact us.

If we can't help you we will refer you onto someone who can.

Counselling is FREE.

Sometimes we ask for reimbursement to cover our expenses.

Preferred venues include:

West Lakes Mall
Port Adelaide Malls
Arndale Shopping Centre
Semaphore Shops

We do not have any financial means to support physical needs or dependencies beyond our friendship and good counsel.

We can also provide, when suitable, email communication services that may allow some people to better express and discuss their needs and/or situation from the privacy of their own home. This must be pre-arranged.

To engage our services please contact us by mail, mobile or email:

What we can and cannot do...

In a crisis situation we may only be able to refer someone to another support agency or community service.

We a have a responsibility to work safely and to mitigate any identified risks to personal or public safety. A such we generally do not provide our services to any individual in private rooms, since this can sometimes lead to difficult or compromising situations. Rather, we prefer to meet in a public place - such as in a cafe or shopping centre - which is visible and open to others. Counselling services for minors will always require direct parental consent.

About us...

Crossing Bridges is a family partnership. The proprietors of Crossing Bridges are not registered or formally-trained social workers or psychologists; although we do have lots of general nursing, theological, pastoral, teaching training with lots of youth work experience.

The proprietors of Crossing Bridges may be contacted by mail, e-mail or telephone. All face-to-face counselling must be arranged beforehand and appointments are required for an agreed session (of usually 1 hour).

Crossing Bridges is not incorporated, nor in association with any particular church, business or community group. But, we do uphold conservative Christian beliefs. Our advice will generally be about ethics, relationships and life-styles. We often refer to Christian principles and, if the individual wishes, we like to pray in support of our counsel and to develop and sustain safe, caring and supportive relationships. We talk about boundaries, guilt and transitions. We often talk about forgiveness and reconcilliation - how to know where you stand; how to commit to change; how to build a bridge and then cross over it.


Confidentiality in counselling and family dispute resolution is protected under the Family Law Act 1975. However, mandatory reporting must apply when a counsellor suspects: child abuse or reasonably believes that a minor is at risk; that someone may be injured or may injure themselves; that there is a threat to National Security or a risk to property or public safety.

We are committed to providing a quality service which includes ensuring that privacy is maintained under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Health Records Act 2001. As such any client is entitled to:
~ know why their personal information is, or has, been collected and how it will be used and by whom;
~ ask for access to their records; 
~ correct inaccurate information about themselves.

Wayne Philp (Ph.D., B.Sc., Dip.Ed., B.Th., Dip.Min.)
Senior Partner
Crossing Bridges

Published 1 January 2014

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